Working prototype and video shooting

The last month has been focused on the improvement of the sensor system, and we can say that Goliath CNC prototype has been greatly improved, working now with much more precision. This feature allowed us to shoot the video for the crowdfunding campaign! We were waiting for this moment from a long time, and it has been a very intense and exciting week.

We took the chance of the video recording to present the idea, meet and interview new professionals and potential users of Goliath, and again we had very interesting (and interested!) feedbacks.

From Italy to Switzerland, from mountains to the side of a lake, we understood from the field work that the portability of Goliath is the real killer application in the future of making.

Makers, carpenters, artisans and boat makers, are just an example of the jobs where Goliath will solve problems, and as always, we’re curious to know what you will make with Goliath.
Big things are coming, so stay tuned and have a great summer!