Maker Faire Rome 2017

The first 3 days of December, we have been exposing Goliath CNC at the Maker Faire Rome. Three year later, after the great experience in the Bay Area, we’ve been back to the most important Maker’s event in Europe. Attending meant a lot to us, because it was our first public event since the campaign on Kickstarter ended and we also we were exhibiting Goliath CNC in our country.

The Maker Faire European Edition
2017 has been the fifth year that the European Edition of the Maker Faire was in Rome. The first edition was back in 2013 and since then Rome has become a reference point at national and European level. This year the exhibition had 7 pavilions and more than 750 projects by Makers from 40 different countries. The audience reception was incredible; just think that the European kermesse has collected a public success equal to that of Silicon Valley and even wider than that of New York!
Finally, the curator of the European Edition, the Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi, likes to summarize the Maker Faire in Rome with one expression that we would like to share: “The Eternal City has been re-conquering the role of the capital of innovation”.

Goliath CNC live demos!
As mentioned above, it was our first time “going out” with Goliath CNC after the Kickstarter Campaign ended. This occasion allowed us to meet some backers and a lot of new ones interested in the project. Most of all, our main goal was to show Goliath CNC working live in front of everyone.

With 2 live demos a day, during the Maker Faire, we cut 6 penny-skateboard decks that right now are decorating our workshop! The audience was very interested in our robot, people of all ages were stopping by to discover something more about Goliath CNC.

Click here to watch the video of Goliath CNC demo at Rome Maker Faire 2017

Featured on MF Channels
It was also a great pleasure for us to be featured by the Maker Faire official Facebook page, thanks to Caleb Kraft for reaching us! You can see Goliath and us unedited in the video, from the beginning until minute 4:00. But, keep watching! There is not just Goliath; there are many great projects!

Now we are back in the office, but we can’t wait for the next exposition with Goliath CNC!
We also take the opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a great 2018 of making!

Lorenzo, Davide and Alessandro