Meeting ASLAM woodworking operator students

At the beginning of March, our CEO Lorenzo has been invited by Aslam, a social cooperative based in Lentate sul Seveso (between Milano and Como cities) dedicated to the training, orientation, and services for work. They asked us to introduce Goliath CNC project to their students; in particular, we had the chance to display the project at the branch of the school where students get prepare to become woodworking operators.

This opportunity was very interesting because it gave us the chance to chat with many young students and tried to ‘inspire’ them telling the story of Springa.
We were really excited about seeing a great interest: students asking us many questions, touching and observing Goliath CNC! With their interest, they demonstrated an impressive familiarity with the work context, and with the woodworking field in general that surprised us. The students also showed great excitement about the changes that Goliath CNC can bring to the woodworking field and the new opportunities that our robot can open.

Thanks to the professors to invited and featured us in the news section on the Aslam website.
These are the initiatives we love to take part in, and we’re always fascinating about how Goliath CNC could impact also in education and schools!