Design for manufacturing

Hello everybody, a new Goliath CNC is taking shape! Today we will tell you about our progresses toward production, the new version of the sensors and the updated electronic board.

We are working on a new prototype of Goliath CNC, designed for manufacturing, with construction improvements for better performances. We received the mechanical parts for the robot and the same for the sensors, this prototype will be ready soon to be assembled.

Our biggest transformation on Goliath CNC is the redesign of the Z-axis that holds the spindle. With the new design, we improve the rigidity of the whole system, which can also work in dusty environments, we simplify a lot the assembly phase and reduce the number of parts of the linear rail. The easiness of assembly and the reduction of the number of components achieved with this new prototype are crucial for mass production.

Regarding the assembly of Goliath CNC, we visited last September a first potential company that could be a good player for this task. We didn’t take the final decision yet, we are waiting for their offer and we are looking at other interesting potential companies, we want to find the best partnership.

As explained in a previous update, the redesign of the inside mechanical system increased the accuracy of the wire length measurement, so after this validation we redesigned the sensors to improve usability and manufacturability.

We worked on how the sensors are secured while Goliath CNC cuts as well the definition of the work area phase. We designed the sensors for manufacturing and 3D printed the shells of the body. We now need to test the sensors in use with Goliath CNC to be able to validate the design.

hands taking sensors of Goliath CNC

The problem we needed to solve with the electronic board was the packet loss in the communication between the sensors and Goliath CNC. We received a new electronic board; we actually have in our hands several copies and we are currently testing the boards.

With the new electronic board, so far, the tests have shown we increased the frequency of communication. We made another improvement with the new electronics: thanks to the change of microcontroller, we have more computational power compared to the previous prototype.

electronic boards for Goliath CNC

Next update, we will speak about the tests we are currently running with the dust collector and the wheels redesigned for manufacturing too.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team