Entering RobotUnion Product acceleration

We are excited to tell you Springa is one of the 10 startups entering the Product acceleration phase of RobotUnion, the first European acceleration program for robotics startups. We will receive mentoring and funding to support the development of Goliath CNC.

We have been working with technical and business mentors for the past few months, since the RobotUnion Welcome camp in Delft last November. During the Welcome camp, we were introduced to the methodology of the Acceleration program, we met our technical and business mentors, and we had a pitching round in front of the 40 partners and coaches.

A couple of weeks ago, we presented a feasibility plan to the jury made up of business and fundraising mentors, big corporations, and technology and innovation companies.

The jury selected us as one of the best projects of the feasibility stage and we are very happy that Springa is among the 10 startups entering stage 2 of RobotUnion Acceleration program.

We will start a 12-month Product acceleration phase with RobotUnion, this stage means we will access technical and business mentoring, resources and funding to support the development of Goliath CNC.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team