A fresh prototype

Hello everybody, we are still working on the new prototype of Goliath CNC. We recently received other components to improve the sensors and the wheels, making them easy to manufacture and assemble.

Dust collector
We mentioned in a previous update some research and tests with different vacuum motors for the dust collector were in progress. We found the best solution to integrate the dust collector system to Goliath CNC.

We tested the final configuration on a linear guide which reproduces the performances of Goliath CNC. We tried it cutting wood, plastic and aluminum. Turned out the tests were successful. It is an effective solution we will implement. The next stage is integrating this dust collector to the prototype and designing a dust bin to complete the system.

About the wheels of Goliath CNC, we kept the appearance of omni wheels with the custom three-roller design, but we changed the material of the rollers and we redesigned them for manufacturing. This new design with a lower number of components saves time and money on the production and assembly phases.

In addition to the new motors, this solution ensures Goliath CNC a higher traction: the tests demonstrate the traction system reaches 60 newtons against 35 newtons registered before.

Omni wheels of Goliath CNC redesigned

As we redesigned the Z-axis and the wheels for manufacturing, the time came for the sensors as well. After we 3D printed the shells and received the inner components, we needed to test the sensors to validate this version.

During the tests, we bumped into two kinds of problems. Firstly, a lack of rigidity: the configuration is not strong enough and the sensors bends at the top. The second problem we found is the connection system between the robot and the sensors: the magnetic flux of the pins misleads the measurement system.

Base and body of Goliath CNC sensors

Therefore, the next steps about the sensors system will be to improve the connection system and to redesign the sensors with one unique body.

In the next update we will keep you posted on the dust collector development, also we are preparing a mechanical endurance test.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team