Springa Road Show #1 – Maker Faire Bay Area

Here the story of the first step of the Springa Road Show, the worldwide tour of the 3 founders of Springa, through 3 continents, in 3 weeks to present the very last prototype of Goliath!
Leg #1: United States of America, at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 (19-21 May) in San Mateo, California.

The Maker Faire

Defined as “the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth”, Maker Faire it’s a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. The Bay Area is one of the three flagship faires, with the New York and Chicago ones. This year the organizers report over 4.500 students plus 125.000 people experienced the Maker Faire over the whole weekend from 50 states and 48 countries.

An amazing experience
Above the three days, the most exciting was absolutely Saturday. The morning begun with a great surprise, when Norman Chan with the team of Tested passed by our booth: immediately they were very impressed by Goliath and so they choose to ask to our co-founder Lorenzo to know more about how we made a CNC moving on wheels. Watch here the full interview!

Then we had the unique chance to meet and share our experience with so many companies and startups working in our same field, and we didn’t expect this! From the veterans of CNC milling machines, to the visionary startups we enjoyed the interest and the freedom of sharing problems and solutions in the development of innovative digital fabrication tools.

Cherry on the pie was to receive by Mike Senese of Make Magazine the Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon! So, that after the Rome experience we went home happy and awarded another time, with Goliath highlighted as one of the most interesting projects of the faire!

Next stop of the #SpringaRoadShow: back to Europe for Pioneers ’17 in Vienna!