Sensors Improvement

During the latest updates we shared the development of the dust collector system, today we introduce to you the improvements made to another key element of Goliath CNC: the positioning sensors!

Goliath CNC positioning system
During the campaign, we showed you our sensor system necessary to triangulate the position of the robot and define the work area. The sensors you saw were prototypes, and what we did in these weeks is make them a fully finished, working and accurate product.

The main job has been redesigning the mechanical system inside the sensor to increase the accuracy of the wire length measurement. We cannot show the details for patent reasons, but we can say that we enhanced wire winding system and the electronic components.

The tests
We run some tests, and the results were great: with the old internal configuration of the sensor, we registered an error of 30 mm on a distance traveled of 300 meters, thanks to the redesign of the wire winding system you can see that the error registered is today between 0 and 0,1 mm.

Here the old and new sensors’ configurations compared

After this validation, we are now redesigning the sensor to give it a better usability and manufacturability. Here some sketches and mock-up of the design both of the sensors and their basement. We will give you more details soon!

The next few weeks will be full of news about both the software and the wheels. Regarding the software, we will meet a potential partner with a strong experience in the CAD/CAM software for the woodworking industry, which is very interested in support Goliath CNC project. And the new design of the wheels is going to be prototyped in the next days!

We really cannot express how excited we are to see every part of Goliath CNC taking shape, and we cannot wait to share everything with you!

Have a nice week!
All the best Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team