Software Workshop

Hello everybody, today we will share with you our recent developments on the dust collector and the software as promised and update you on the production of Goliath CNC. 

CAM Software
As mentioned last time, we started searching for a partner for the CAM software development. We are negotiating with a potential partner, a company with strong experience in software for the woodworking industry. At the end of last month, we invited them for a one-day discovery workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to identify the elements necessary for the software, so we discussed the user journey from the first contact with Goliath CNC to a finished project. Together, we were able to identify a strategic plan for the software release.

photo software development workshop for Goliath CNC


Dust collector
We wrote in a previous update we ran some tests with different vacuum motors and filters integrated to the rear bin, and the tests showed this configuration doesn’t filter the thinnest dust cut by Goliath CNC. Therefore, we called out to an engineering studio for extra support.

They are currently realizing 3D models and making prototypes with new filters, testing different vacuum motors searching for the most efficient solution. Once they will find the best configuration for the dust collector system, we will be able to test it on Goliath prototype.

We identified potential suppliers, visited some factories, compared the quotations and chose the right one, a reliable and qualitative supplier for each manufacturing activity.
We defined the technical drawings of most of the mechanical components and we sent these drawings to the suppliers for their quotation.
Finally, we recently received the quotations for almost all the parts of Goliath CNC from different suppliers, we are still missing a few, the ones for the plastic parts of the sensors and the wheels are taking longer than expected.

Next time, we will update you on the electronics and the sensors, we are improving the accuracy and the usability.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team