Assembly of the first 100 Goliath

Hello everybody,

Today we will share with you some amazing updates about our production progress, some insights about the packaging and our shipping timeline.

First 100 Goliath CNC

As last months, also September has been a hectic month due to the intense assembly, testing and production phase.


As you can see from the photos, all the Goliath have the mechanical and functional parts fully assembled, we are now in the last step of the process, which is assembling the plastic shells of the first 100 Goliaths.

Goliath with mechanical parts assembled, waiting for the final testing and calibration phase

The dust bins and plastic shells assembly is still missing because we are finishing the final testing and calibration phase of all the first 100 robots: this phase must be carried out when Goliath does not have its cover yet.

In the meantime, we are also marking all the spindle mounts with our logo!

As we did for the towers sensors, the data collected from the tests we made on Goliath are registered in a database and associated with a unique code. This process allows us to identify the history of each Goliath CNC in case of future problems.

Towers sensors

We are excited to tell you that all the 200 towers sensors have been assembled!

We are calibrating the last towers and the next step is to pack them, so they can be placed in the boxes ready to go!

With the calibration, we recorded the data that we statistically analyze to verify the production processes of the parts for the Tower Sensors. This will allow us to monitor and refine the final result in the production of the next batches.

Packaging and Shipments

In our August update, we gave you a preview of the packaging we designed for Goliath CNC but we would like to give some more precise indications.

On a 5cm foam layer, we place the aluminum frame of Goliath: the most resistant and structural part of the machine. The wheels are free and suspended, to prevent them from being damaged by any blows.

The accessories are packed singularly and placed in the lateral spaces inside the box.

How we place Goliath and its accessories in the packaging

Lastly, we are working on an introductory sheet that you will find in the box where you will receive your Goliath CNC. It will contain some simplified explanations about Goliath and its accessories.

Shipping timeline

As described above, while we are working on the final issues related to the production phase, we also evaluated several companies to understand which one could be the best to entrust Goliath shipments!

We are now working on the first shipment batch: the first 100 machines will be shipped to the first 100 backers in order of contribution.  

Once these first 100 backers have received their Goliath, we will proceed with the assemply and shipment of all the other products.

Our goal is to ship Goliath CNC to all of you backers, divided in two batches, by the end of the year or at the beginning of 2021 at the latest.

More analysis and testing

During these coming weeks we will do an analysis to define in detail the relationship between cutting speed and cutting precision of Goliath.

This will also aim to define the cutting parameters that can be shared with you, our first users, to facilitate the use of Goliath on materials we already tested.

Company News: team and office

  • We are almost ready to ship Goliath around the world, so we need to communicate with you and with all our future customers in the best way possible. For that reason, Diletta just joined us as Marketing Manager here in Springa!
  • We are really looking forward to welcoming our new team member! He is Andrea, our Software Developer.
  • The team keeps growing and we need to find a new place for our offices. We would love to find a place where we can have more space for a dedicated laboratory where we can test Goliath on multiple materials and projects! 

Thank you everybody for your support,

All the best
Lorenzo, Alessandro, and Davide
and the whole Springa