Final tests + Software Update + Support & Video Tutorial

Hello everybody,

we hope you are all well and safe. Unfortunately, here in Italy, the situation due to the Covid-19 is worsening and the country had to re-establish some restrictions to contain the infections. We remain positive although we scheduled the work with half team from the office and a half team from home, and we sincerely hope we will not return to a complete lockdown as the one experienced a few months ago.

The latest tests: problems detected and how we solved them

In our last update, we talked about the first 100 Goliaths that were almost ready to go. Unfortunately, we bump into three main issues which required more time compared to the timeline mentioned last month.

The first thing we had to manage was with one of our suppliers who provided us some of the missing aluminum frames in the wrong size. For this reason, we were unable to assembly the robots and we had to wait for a new supply to finish the last 30 Goliath.

Secondly, we wanted to be sure that these firsts Goliaths work properly, with all the possible tests done. We proceeded with some last check, and we identified two problems: one concerning the wheels and the other one concerning the spacer between the bearings under the spinners of Goliath.

  • Wheels: we noticed an imperfection in the wheel structure. This, over time, could lead to an incorrect movement of the internal rollers. The defective wheels have therefore been replaced by new ones on which we adopted further measures.
The structures of the wheels before the ultrasonic welding
Mounted wheels
  • Spacer: From the test we did on the precision movement of Goliath, we found out that some of them had trajectory errors due to a deformed bearing between the two spinners. We are now working to replace this component in the 15 Goliaths where we verified this issue to eliminate the problem.

A last important point which required us extra work concerns the certifications. We have been focused on this topic for a long time, in particular in the last month on the User Manual. The translation and settlement of some bureaucratic issues took a longer time than what we expected, but we are close to the end. The manual is almost completed and we expect to print it the next week. 

New shipping timeline

Considering the updates just shared, we had to postpone the shipping date we mentioned in our last update, and we are really sorry for that.

Regarding the first 100 Goliaths: we expect to finalize the last activities during the next week and to ship them starting from the second week of November.

As for the subsequent Goliaths and respective backers, we will ship them from January till the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Software update

This month we worked hard on the software too. We found the perfect name: Slingshot! As in the tale of David and Goliath, where the slingshot plays a fundamental role, also our software is indispensable to “launch” a project realization using Goliath!

We created a dedicated page on our website where you will be able to download Slingshot. It will be online as soon as we start shipping the first Goliath.

The dedicated online page for the software download

We also improved some further features: we updated all the icons with the final symbols and enhance the interface of the Panel Detection to make it simpler thanks to some photos to make it easier to understand and follow the step by step instructions.

Lastly, we fixed some of the last bugs about pop-ups errors, that are now correctly set and working.

In the coming months, Andrea, our new software developer, will work on all the new features and updates needed, based also on the feedback we will receive from the first 100 users too!

Support Platform


During these last weeks, we also worked on the creation of a dedicated support platform. In particular, we created a dedicated email where all the people who need support with their Goliath or Slingshot could write. It is, and is specifically for technical support requests, reports, and questions from those who already own Goliath and need to contact us.

Live chat

Also, we added a live chat you will find directly on our website. Here you can easily contact us for any questions or inquiries!

Live chat on our website

Video Tutorials

Last but not least, we are finalizing in these days the creation of many video tutorials useful for you all to have a better understanding of both Goliath and Slingshot. Through these videos, we will guide you to discover all the activities you will need to do when using our producs and all the features they have.

You will find two different kinds of video: some of them are general overviews of the product and software, others are “how-to” lessons. Here the list of what we are preparing:

  • The unboxing: where we show you what you will find in the box you will receive
  • Goliath System overview: a presentation of each part of Goliath and the Tower Sensors, to give you some information about the important role that every detail plays
  • Set up and Panel Detection: this video will show you how to correctly set up the panel, Goliath and the Tower Sensors before start working on your project
  • Slingshot: Software overview
  • How to download and install Slingshot and how to proceed with the connection to Goliath
  • How to create a project: showing you how to draw a simple project directly in Slingshot
  • How to create a correct .svg file and import it in Slingshot: to give you some tips to follow to create a correct file to work
  • How to download the Firmware, both for Goliath and the Tower Sensors: so you will be able to update them when needed
  • How to Install the bit and router cutting parameters: insights about the bit and the router bit
  • How to manage the dust collection bin: to show you how to easily unhook the dust collection bin from Goliath, empty it and re-install it
  • How to use the Jog Mode: here we will explain to you the interesting feature to use Goliath in Jog Mode so you will be able to check where to place Goliath in your working area
  • How to handle holes: here you will find some tips to create holes in your project
  • How to modify bits settings and catalog: so you will be able to modify all the settings about the bit you chose to work with

We can’t wait to share these with you!

You will be able to watch them any time you need because they will be available directly on a dedicated page on our website!

All the best
Lorenzo, Alessandro, and Davide
and the whole Springa