Goliath CNC in action

Hello everybody, in this project update we will share with you the development of the dust collector system integrated to Goliath CNC and the new version of the sensors. Most of all, we will tell you about the endurance test we set up, it was great to see Goliath CNC in action after a few days combining all parts and tuning up the communication.

We prepared an endurance test with all the parts we coded, engineered and redesigned in recent months. The goal of the test was firstly to validate the mechanical performance of the sensors and the robot and secondly to verify the stability of the whole system.

We ran the test with the router off and we simulated milling conditions with the wheels and the motors, tracing an equilateral triangle for 62 consecutive hours. The results obtained in testing the endurance were excellent: no problem of stability, no abnormal wear, and no mechanical issues were registered.

After this test, our next move is to try Goliath CNC prototype milling with the integrated dust collector system mounted on the prototype.


Dust collector
A couple of months ago, we found the final configuration for the dust collector. We want to implement that solution, so we integrated the system to the Goliath CNC prototype. We are glad to tell we did it successfully.

The dust shroud and frontal cover have been tested: we made a quick trial of Goliath CNC milling with the dust collector mounted on the prototype, and we are happy to say it worked well. Moving forward, we started designing the dust bin and the new shells that will cover Goliath CNC a few weeks ago.

The latest version of the sensors demonstrated a lack of rigidity, so we redesigned the sensors and tested this new configuration. We designed the sensors and the base to fix it into one unique body. That time, the results were great: this design ensures a high rigidity.

Next time we will have fresh news about the CAM software and we just made an important step toward the production and assembly of Goliath CNC.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team