Goliath CNC running

Hello everybody, we are back at the start of this year to share good news. We want to update you on the manufacturing process, both the tooling and the components, we received the first pieces, in particular wheels’ parts. Lastly, we will show you the prototype of whole Goliath assembled with the dust collector in action.

Regarding the tooling manufacturing for Goliath CNC, we ordered the extrusion dies; the injection molds to manufacture some complex parts, such as components inside the sensors and the plastic shells; and the die casting molds.

Besides, we received the first parts of the sensors coming from injection molding, complicated elements that must be controlled first. We collected the core on which all the mechanics and electronics components are mounted. The finishing can be improved, but the mechanical features are fine. Lastly, we are moving on with the spindle production as well, we received the first custom-designed ones for the machine.

About the wheels, we have in our hands the first parts of the wheel’s structure from the injection molds, therefore, we’ve been able to assemble a complete wheel with parts all coming from the industrial production process. Since these are the first pieces, again, the surface finishing is not perfect, but we identified together with our supplier some strategies to reduce these flaws.

The good news is that overall the mechanical coupling aspects work well. Our next move will be to test the process to join the rollers. We sent a wheel sample to our supplier and soon we will find out if everything works well on that side.

Dust collector
Last Summer, we shared with you the integration and working principles of the dust collection system. Since our previous update about the dust collector, we had two things left to refine. To begin with, we had to finalize the choice of which fabric to use for the filter of the dust collector. We ran several tests with different samples, and we verified which was more efficient.

This way we moved on with the production of the upper part of the shells, the frame for the filter. It allowed us to freeze the design of the spindle protection and the brushes in order to choose the most efficient design and configuration. After that, we were able to issue the orders also for the filter and the frame production.

Recently we tested Goliath CNC in action with the final configuration and all the parts together. Here is a video of the whole Goliath assembled with the dust collector cutting the Edie Stool from the Opendesk catalog:

In the next update, we want to show you the software beta version, and we will update you on the manufacturing process of Goliath CNC.

Have a nice week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team