Goliath CNC to the test

Hello everybody, we hope you had a great summer. For our part, we proceeded with our series of tests for the purpose of the design freeze of Goliath CNC before starting the manufacturing process, therefore, in this project update we will tell you about the repeatability tests as well as the software development with UX & UI design.

Repeatability tests
These past weeks, we tested the repeatability to evaluate how smooth and precise the movement is. The results are fine and the whole system is tuned up in line with the hardware improvements we made both on the machine and the sensors this year.

Consequently, we involved our technical partners to optimize the control system. The optimization of the control system is ongoing: we are achieving very good results so far thanks to an algorithm that stabilizes the control and movements of Goliath CNC.

Heating tests
As said last time, thanks to the heating tests, we saw that the electronic board reached a very high temperature. In order to avoid any risk of shutdown caused by overheating we placed a thermal pad under the electronic board, and we obtained extremely good results in terms of temperature dissipation.

In the second configuration (as shown in the graph below in orange), we were able to lower the inner temperature of about 10°C, which is a great benefit that will allow Goliath CNC to maintain the components at a safe working temperature. Tests passed!

About the software, we launched the development of the CAM software several months ago, the work regarding the user experience and user interface design has been completed last June. 

During software development, the testing activity is extremely important. To evaluate the concept, we ran a few tests among some interested partners, team members and potential users of Goliath CNC to verify that the workflow is fine, and the key functionalities are easy to understand and user-friendly.

Finally, we defined the graphical aspects, this activity ended before the summer. We froze the design and we now kicked off the software implementation together with our partners for the software.

In the next update, we will tell you about other tests, this time to check the dust resistance of Goliath CNC and we are currently making improvements to the dust bin.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team