Looking forward to 2021: forecast for next year

Hi everybody,

2020 was an amazing and challenging year, we are so happy about all the progress we made.

In this last update of 2020 we want to give you an overview of the next steps we foresee for 2021.

We really can’t wait to start a new electrifying year, as always with many challenges in front of us.


We are already working on the new release of Slingshot: we have a list of improvements and features we have to work on. The software improvement and bug fixing will continue for the whole 2021. Of course, these improvements will be defined based on the precious feedback we are receiving from our backers.

We estimate and we would like to maintain a software release/update once every two weeks, or so. In this way, we can understand if the fix or changes we have made are correctly working for all of the users.


At the moment, we are working to solve some issues we found out in our latest tests, so we can do on the production of the new batch the same improvements we did on the first 100 Goliath.

We are going to order in the next days the electronic boards and the other components that require a long time of supply.

With our assembly supplier we are now evaluating the stock and the components we have, to start the assembly of a new batch at the beginning of the new year. We will follow the same method for the first 100 units, starting from putting together the sub-assemblies of the parts with the lowest lead time.

We estimate to ship them by the end of April! Can’t wait to deliver all the Goliath safe and sound.

Customer care

We want to support you all the users of Goliath at our best so, in the upcoming months, we are going to improve the channels we are currently using: firstly, we are working on a renewed website that will host a forum where all the users can share information, opinions and tips about how to work with Goliath and Slingshot. We will also add some interesting contents, such as a library with projects you can download. This website will be online by the end of the first quarter of 2021. In the meantime, we are considering opening an official Facebook page managed by Springa that will allow the first 100 users to start sharing some tips and tricks.

Business development

We are working to start a collaboration with some distributors who can help us in dealing with the USA and European markets.

We are also considering opening a waiting list, for all those who did not make it to participate in the Kickstarter campaign.

We are really looking forward to all these amazing things!

In the meantime, we wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all of you and your families.
Enjoy the holidays and see you soon!

Cutting around, the Christmas tree!

All the best
Lorenzo, Alessandro, and Davide
and the whole Springa team