Maker Faire Rome2014

Being at the Maker Faire of Rome it has been an extremely useful experience for the team.

Those three day at the faire have been the occasion to meet a lot of people, tell them about the project, that started from Lorenzo thesis and has being develop at the contest Make@Polimi (at wich stand project was located), but more interesting was to ear people feedbacks. The team had the opportunity to show their 2.0 prototype working and most of the public were amazed and surprised of this, at first the team made it draw and obtained some attention but when they made it mill, everyone nearby came to watch what was going on. The most interesting parts of what the public said, were the ideas about the possible applications of the Goliath CNC platform, so they started to suggest different tools and items, useful for different customers and scenarios. All this was a proof for the team of the validity and greatness of this project.