Production and dust bins improvements

Hello everybody,

Although many of our suppliers’ operations are idle, we have still received a few samples over the last weeks.

Firstly, we collected a few parts for the door of the dust bin with the final yellow color.

We collected samples of the door of the bin, the first with the Springa logo on it, and the final surface finishing. This dark blue-grey is the final color of some parts of the robot. However, the dust bin shells on which the door bin is mounted do not have the final finishing as they still are clear and shiny plastic. And here is the final result of the pieces for the bin’s door assembled together. 

The opening door of the dust bin with the final parts

In addition, we received some samples of the back shell of Goliath, but they didn’t pass the quality control because of the threaded inserts that allow this part and the handles shell to be screwed together.

The back shell behind the dust bin

About the sensors, we also collected some samples of the reel which holds the wire.

The reel inside the sensors

Moreover, we received new filters with a piece of thinner fabric to improve the vacuum performances we need to test.

The new filters

Lastly, we designed a custom-made power cord stand. We are making tests with the power cord and different hooks to secure the power cord in order to find the best configuration for stability.

The latest prototype assembled with the industrially manufactured parts we showed you in the last months, with a power cord stand prototype

Since Goliath moves in all directions and turns on itself, a stand for the power cord is necessary when using Goliath to keep the cord up and not along the panel in order to prevent the power cord from wrapping around the robot and changing the toolpath.

See you to the next update!

All the best,

Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team