Slingshot improvements and production update

Hello everybody,

we would love to share with you in this monthly update some interesting updates available in the new release of the software.

Also, we are sharing some information about how the production is proceeding and some work-in-progress activities we are managing in these weeks!

Slingshot update

As a habit from the delivery of the first 100 units, we worked in the last weeks to improve Slingshot.
We released a new version of the software,  here the main changes we made:


  • UI block and loading progress bar status while waiting for time-intensive steps like importing and generating GCODE.
  • Scale, move, and rotate by setting values when multiple tracks are selected.


  • Fix for really slow imports from .svg, causing Slingshot to crash.


  • Removed unnecessary steps when the canvas is edited, in order to improve performances.
  • Improved scaling when importing .svg files at different DPIs

Moreover, we are currently improving the logic behind the generation of GCODE, in particular on how Goliath calculates the angle and orientation to realize a project, and to let the robot know the position of tower sensors to avoid hitting them. These two features have been included in a beta version we are testing internally and will be available soon!


In the January update we shared with you a new way to run the panel detection, where you can manually input the size of the work area.

The two Panel Detection options

We prepared a dedicated tutorial to show how works this quicker option to define the work area:

Tutorial video

Virtual Box Guidefor Mac and Linux users

Another great news is that we created a guide to use Virtual Box: this will be the temporary solution for all non-Windows users until Slingshot will run on other operating systems too.Here the link to the guide: 

Work in progress

Production update

After hard work, we have completed the first design of the test bench for the tests at the end of the assembly line. Now we shared the project with a company with strong experience and background in test benches, and are waiting for feedback and to have a meeting with them next week. In this way, we can be sure that it is reliable for the final tests we will do on the next production batches.

In the meantime, we are continuing to send orders for the various components for the assembly phase. After the Chinese New Year holidays, companies have resumed manufacturing and started shipping some of the components we order. During March we estimate to receive all the parts needed to build the next batch of Goliath Systems.

New website and contents

While a part of the team proceeds on the production phase, we are also carrying out the creation of the new website where we will include a lot of useful content for all the first users of Goliath!

There will be an online forum too, where you will be able to share ideas, advice, and opinions.  We are going to add a space where you can download projects designed by us. And if you would like to share your creations with other users, we will add these files too!

Some projects we realized with Goliath

Company news

We are happy that a new member joined the team: his name is Mehdi and he is our super firmware developer! He is already working with the R&D team to release a firmware update soon.

In the meantime, we keep looking for a Technical Support Specialist who can join us and give the best support to all future GoliathCNC users.

Thank you for your support.

All the best,

Lorenzo, Alessandro, and Davide and the whole Springa team