Software kickoff

Hello everybody, we have some fresh news about the production and assembly, we received the visit of an accredited body for the product certification and we recently launched the CAM software activities. A custom-made CAM software is needed to generate the G-code and optimize the movements of Goliath CNC.

After a few months of research during which we met and negotiated with software houses looking for the best solution to develop the CAM software, we are happy we found an excellent partner. The company has 15+ years of experience in developing smart software solutions for the woodworking industry.

We launched the software development last month. The first activities are the communication development, a post processor prototype and the program infrastructure definition. Then we will start working on UX/UI design together with another company.

A mandatory step in the industrialization journey is the product certification by an accredited body for the verification, inspection and certification activities. It is necessary during the design phase to evaluate if there are specific restrictions about Goliath CNC product category, and to make sure we meet qualification criteria stipulated in regulations.

We found a good certification partner and the company came to our workspace for a full day of analysis of Goliath CNC prototype. Their evaluation was generally good, and the risks are mitigated, the only critical part is the frontal cover which protects the spindle.

Goliath CNC milling with old frontal cover

This cover has to protect you not only from the milling bit but also from the Z-axis movement, to avoid that fingers can be pressed under the spindle. The current frontal cover prototype is too low, we will redesign that part, so the final version is longer to protect the whole spindle.

Moving on to production, we recently completed the activities of design and prototype development. We met and identified the right suppliers for each manufacturing technology.  We are working on the construction drawings – we are missing parts of the dust collector system – and we are close to sharing them with the manufacturing suppliers.

In recent weeks, we also visited 3 potential companies for the assembly of Goliath, we sent them the technical documentation, now we are waiting for their quotations with the costs and time needed for the assembly to select the best partner.

We will come back next month with more news on production as it is a big topic, also we are taking the CAM software to a new level. 

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team