The dust collector takes shape

Hello everybody, we are back with good news, we have the latest Goliath CNC prototype which include the dust collection system. This month, we have been working on the assembly of the dust collection system prototype and the software development.

We are moving forward on the CAM software. We kicked off this activity together with the software development company and we recently received a first post processor demonstrator.

We just launched the UX and UI design activities with the user research and interviews, today we have the first UX/UI schematics and ideas and we will make the first design review soon. We are waiting for the first deliverables and we will then start graphic design. We expect to have the first software version this summer.

Using Goliath CNC cutom made CAM software

Dust collector
We are keeping up the work on the dust collector development. After integrating, testing and validating the configuration of the dust collector, we designed the dust bin and the new shells that will cover Goliath CNC.

We 3D printed the prototype of the shells and the bin for the dust collection, the plastic parts are designed for manufacturing and we gave Goliath CNC a good usability by maintaining the handles on top of the robot and adding another handle to empty the dust bin. The next phase is to test the dust bin to check the dust flow and the emptying process.

Shape of the dust collector prototype of Goliath CNC

On the production level, we are done with almost all the construction drawings, most of them are ready and we shared them with the manufacturing suppliers, but we are missing the construction drawings of the latest prototyped plastic parts. We asked our partner the time required for the realization of the injection molds needed for the dust bin.

Next month, we will keep you updated on the dust collector development; we are preparing a test of aspiration with the dust collection system prototype.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team