The first samples

Hello everybody, the manufacturing process of Goliath CNC has reached an interesting point as we receive more and more components. Therefore, the focus of this update will be on the manufacture, we want to show you some of the samples we received in the last month. We will also discuss how the software development is going on and the progress that has been made on that side. 

In our last update, we told you we ordered a big part of the manufacturing tooling with injection molds, die casting molds and extrusion dies. The tooling is moving forward, we currently have a dozen molds under production.

In recent weeks we were able to collect the first samples coming from our injection molding supplier. We have samples of the handles on top of Goliath, all the different parts to connect the sensors to Goliath.

About the wheels, we showed in the previous update that we collected all the parts and mounted them. Last week, we visited our supplier to observe the process of the ultrasonic welding to join the complete wheel’s module and test the results. So far, the outcomes are satisfactory.

Again, there is more than injection molding, the manufacturing tooling includes also a die casting process and the extruded components. The die casting molds to manufacture the carriage and the chassis of Goliath are ready, here are some photos of the first samples.

Lastly, we are issuing the orders for the gaskets and the screws necessary to assemble the robot and the sensors.

Moving on to the electronics, we received from our supplier the latest electronic boards both for Goliath and the sensors. The boards have been re-engineered, as they are the definitive ones that will be on the finished product. We tested them entirely and they are fully functioning, the electronic is more reliable and stronger. The boards are already mounted on the Goliath prototype we are working on and we are currently using them. So far, we can say they are running as expected.

Over the last few months, we have shared that we have been working on the custom software development. The beta version of the software will be ready soon.
These are the features that we have already integrated in the CAM software:

  • import an SVG file
  • design of basic shapes
  • panel material, dimension and thickness definition
  • manual tabs setting
  • editing 2.5D pieces
  • toolpath generation

And here is a sneak peek:

We want to end on a note on the news. We are affected by the Covid-19 outbreak as it starts to hit countries over the world, mainly in Asia and Europe. We have some components coming from suppliers in China,  wide-ranging measures to halt the spread of the virus have been taken in the country and many factories are currently closed because of the outbreak, which has had an important impact on our supply chain. Since the end of January, we have not been able to source these components and the communication with suppliers is difficult. Here in Italy, we are affected by the outbreak as well, with schools and universities closed, and cultural and sporting events cancelled.

Stay safe everyone!

All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team