The recap of our 2020

Hello everybody,

In this update we would love to run you through all the progress we have made during this challenging 2020.

It has been quite a year for everyone with this global situation and we hope that you all are well and safe.

First 100 Goliath delivered

We are proud of the path we have made during this challenging year, ending it with the delivery of the first 100 Goliath! This is a great milestone and we are so excited to see some of our backers already working with the Goliath System.

Ready to go!

We are also collecting from them the first precious feedbacks and opinions about both Slingshot and Goliath. This is extremely important for us to understand how they use the product and how to improve the user experience and functionalities. Moreover, we will share soon the requests and feedbacks we consider more important with all the community, in order to give you a picture of what are experiencing the first 100 lucky ones.

The summary of our 2020

What a year!

A recap of the past 12 months in 2 minutes!

January – tests & samples

We started the year testing the 120 volts version of Goliath and the electronics safety functions (particularly the IMU, a component useful to monitor that Goliath stands upright and alert if it falls into a pocket). In January we worked hard also on the dust collection bin, getting closer to the very final version, and on the components to calibrate the sensors. January was also important for the software developments: it was exciting to see it taking shape the functionalities necessary to work.

February – COVID-19 is in the air

In February the Coronavirus outbreak started to affect our work, particularly about the supply from China which made harder to find components needed for the robot assembly. We kept working on the samples we received to start the production of the first 10 Goliath: dust collection bin, spindle protection, tower sensors structure samples and the metal components.

In the meantime, we run the electromagnetic compatibility and interferences tests. Both successfully passed!

March – The new normal

March was a crazy and dramatic month here in Italy, but of course not just here. Work from home was the new normality and the production of the first 10 Goliath slowed down as all the manufacturing activities.

We worked on the filters of the dust collection bin, on the power cord stand and on some vibration analysis to improve the cut precision.

April – Software and firmware development, lockdown edition

We received the final samples of buttons, spinners, pins and of the power cord stand.

We shared a video of the beta version of Slingshot, implementing some additional functionalities and studying how to implement error signals and warnings too.

We did a great job on the firmware too, reaching the final phase of firmware testing.

May – the re-opening and production warm-up

We set the samples for the assembly of the first Goliaths and tower sensors. With the assembling partners, we studied a solution to optimize the process. We were so thrilled to see manufacturing starting!

Also, we run some tests for accuracy improvements and developed a new software version.

June – assembly and packaging design

By the end of the month, the first 10 Goliath and 20 tower sensors were assembled and ready to be tested and calibrated!

We worked on the packaging too, designing a very special box.

Also, there was some great news about software development with a stable version.

July – test test test and the new assembly began

We started the summertime doing all the stress tests for the first 10 Goliath samples.

Great milestone: we also ordered the parts to start the assembly of the first big batch. The 100 Goliath would begin to take shape!

August – first 100 assembly

While we ran the dust chamber tests, we also proceeded with the assembly of the first 100 Goliath and 200 tower sensors. Some problems come out, but we worked our best to solve them all!

Also, we tested both the packaging and electronic boards. We ended the month concluding the first firmware version.

September – 100 Goliath almost ready, and winner of the GDA

The assembly and testing phases were intense, but we started to see our warehouse crowded with Goliath and tower sensors. It was incredible and exciting!

We improved the packaging and tested it too.

Also, we received a special mention from the German Design Award. What a month!

October – bumps and solutions

During our tests, we found out some problems with wheels and spacers, but we solved them in a jiffy, or almost. We started to work on a first update of our website, with a dedicated welcome page and Slingshot download page.

We also have been focused on certification topics and on the creation of some video tutorials and a support platform.

November – shipping and delivering

The software was ready to be shared, the website was updated and the tutorial videos online.

So, we started to ship the first 100 Goliath: it was unbelievable to see all those boxes!

We also received the first opinions from some of our backers and we were so excited to see this milestone reached and your first pictures with Goliath.

December – delivering and feedbacks

The shipments continued and almost all the robots have been delivered!

We received very useful feedbacks from the backers who started working with Goliath, that is amazing!

We are already working on a new version of Slingshot that will be online in a few days. 

It has been a long ride and we want to say – one more time – a huge thank you to you all for your support.

Don’t miss the previews for 2021 in the next post!

All the best
Lorenzo, Alessandro, and Davide
and the whole Springa team