Tooling is coming

Hello everybody, in this last update of the year, we will review the tooling we ordered for the mass production.  We will also make a quick update about the sensors calibration and the control system improvements going on now.

Last month, we ordered the molds to manufacture the most critical and complex elements to check first, such as the mechanical components inside the sensors and the wheels’ parts, both the rubber and the plastic pieces. The molds have been manufactured and are now ready.

Firstly, we received from our supplier the first cores of the rollers. In addition, the molds to manufacture the wheels’ structure are in progress, they will be ready to start manufacturing the samples in the next few days so we should be able to get the first wheels from mass production shortly. Lastly we also ordered the tooling necessary to facilitate the wheels’ assembly.

Sensors play a key role in Goliath CNC accuracy, so we want to make sure they are precise. We built a test bench that will be useful to calibrate the sensors: we simulate Goliath with a pillar, connect it to the sensor, and we make it run on the linear motion rolling guide.

The comparison of the values recorded will help us to work on the control, our goal is to reach the perfect overlap of the values obtained. By adjusting the positioning system, we will improve the control of Goliath CNC and consequently reach a remarkable accuracy.

Control system
We are currently fine tuning the parameters and architecture of the control system of Goliath CNC with our technological partner. We are constantly working on the measurement and control architecture to optimize the reliability of the whole system.

In the next update after the new year, we will largely cover the progress of the tooling production and we also want to show you the complete Goliath CNC prototype in action.

We wish you all a happy holiday season!

All the best,
Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide
and the Springa team